The One and Only Scooter

It was so great to get out of the house and to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather yesterday!  Watching our kids play in the courtyard reminded me of this necessity I must share, the one and only Mini Kickboard Scooter!

I should have listened to the world's best neighbor, our neighbor, Kathleen, when she told us about this scooter.  I should have realized that this scooter by any other name is not the same!  Instead we wasted our money on a scooter that doesn't get used before Santa brought us the one and only.  Meet the Mini Kick:

The award winning Mini Kick is better than other mini scooters for three reasons:

  1. It has 3-wheels instead of 2 allowing it stand by itself.
  2. The double wheels are located in the front, not the back, better for balance.
  3. The "lean and steer" design allows kids to use their own body weight to turn.  Shown here:

It's so easy a two year old can drive it and drive it well (however, the recommended age is 3-5).  It's so fun a five year old can race her friends (Kathleen's boys) around the block.  It's only about 3 pounds so we even bring it inside, the wheels are good to our wood floors!

Ready, set, go!  The weather is changing and sometimes you don't have to wait till Christmas. :)  We've purchased ours at Imagination Toys and Shoes in Houston on Bellaire Blvd.  It looks like another great way to buy is from the manufacturer, Kickboard USA, for $84.99 with free shipping.

Mommy, no more pictures!  Let us ride our fantastic Mini Kicks!  Thank you to my neighbor for telling us about this one and only scooter.


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  2. Just bought this for Christmas with the free shipping. Your review convinced me to spend the extra $. Can't wait to see my 4 year old zipping around. Thanks.

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  4. nice share. Really love those samples. I might try out this electric scooter for my girl very soon!

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