One Dollar Tuesdays

Every Tuesday every Central Market has their roses on sale for only ONE dollar, tell it to your neighbor!!!  These are not skimpy roses, these are the big beautiful aromatic roses from Ecuador on sale in Austin, Dallas and Houston.

On Monday my C. Style sister and I met at our Central Market for coffee and I thought I'd pick up flowers to arrange at home.  My new friend, Eleasar with the Houston CM, told me the $2 roses would all be $1 the next day!  So I said, "See you tomorrow!" and because of his generosity with information I will be going to CM on Tuesdays a lot more often.

Lately I've been inspired by the ombré/dip dyed trend in home and fashion.  I wanted to test the theory of odd numbers in arranging to see if I could come up with an easy formula for creating a beautiful gradient floral arrangement (I like processes).

So I gathered 5 sets of 3.  Each set is a different shade of pink, starting with white to the darkest pink and then everything in between.  It helps to squint your eyes when you're trying to group the different shades, so I'm sure I looked pretty funny squinting at the rows of roses.

The formula:  5 x 3($1) = A beautiful $15 gradient floral arrangement on a Tuesday.  Success!

I hope the guys are paying attention to One Dollar Tuesdays.  Seems like another formula for success, Dinner for Two and a bouquet of roses equals a happy gal!


  1. I love the process! I wouldn't know how many to buy or how to get all the different colors of pink in there. You make it so easy. Thank you!

  2. This is great and I love your ombre idea. Only works if you can pick and choose your own single roses! You are a mastermind!

  3. You're welcome, it was easy, fastest flower selecting I've ever done! Great point, Laura, you do have to have single stems and not everybody sells them! Court, we could meet for coffee and buy roses!

  4. Love the flower ombre idea. Totally going to CM today for some roses! Happy Tuesday!