Labor Day Sale

Happy Labor Day!!!  I hope you're not working today and if you are, take lots of breaks!

What isn't on sale today?  Seems like everything, but one store in particular has my number.  I frequent Aaron Brothers Art & Framing just as much as Paper-Source and I know their inventory just as well.  I even had to unsubscribe to their emails because it became a problem for me.  Unfortunately, they still have my home address and I got their Labor Day promotions and coupons.  Yikes!  And now comes the excitement:

The morale boosting poster I bought in 7th Grade with my vacation allowance from the National Archives in Washington D.C. has been sitting in my closet collecting dust.  I'm thinking of taking it to Aaron Brothers today to see what they can do to freshen it up.  The framers there always have great ideas, their trade takes talent and I trust it.  Maybe I'll see what they think about a white frame?

Last weekend I saw they had black canvases, tell it to your neighbor!  I just called the store and today they are 60% off! 

Also their BIG TOP ARTIST Grow With Me Easel and Table & Bench Set is 50% off.  Love these!!!  If I didn't already have a table and easel, this would be on my list.  Great function and awesome fresh colors and design.

 Here is a pic of the ad and here is a link to the ad for printing:

I hope to see you there!

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