Travel Edition: La Jolla, CA

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You might give some serious thought to getting away to La Jolla, California.  Everything about it adds up to a perfect trip with friends.  I just got back from there with my girlfriends and I loved every minute of it!  Are you familiar with YOLO (you only live once)?  My friend Laura introduced the phrase to us and it's how we made our decisions on this trip.  :)  Not only is the weather amazing and the views spectacular but you can also go on an adventure!  Here's my list of the Best of La Jolla.  Add it to your itinerary when you go and you'll have a good time guaranteed, tell it to your neighbor!!!

#1.  La Valencia Hotel - Stay like the Kardashian's do!  Did you see the recent episode "Mothers & Daughters"?  This is where they stayed!  It's expensive but if you consider sharing a room with 3 of your closest friends then you can swing it, YOLO.  Right now they're having buy two get one free package and you can get a Queen Queen room for around $340 per night when you stay for 3 nights.

La Valencia, view from the pool.
#2. La V Happy Hour at La Valencia's Ocean View Terrace - This was a great kick-off to our trip after a loooooooong rental car wait.  Just drop your bags and head here upon arrival.  Cheers to vacation!

Happy Hour
#3.  Herringbone - This restaurant was recommended to us by our bellman and it WOWed us!  The owners and the chef are Top Chef alums.  Best ambiance ever and the food was delicious!  We walked here and everywhere else.



#4.  Brockton Villa - What a great place to eat the most important meal of the day and my personal favorite, breakfast!  We were a impressed with the food and the view of the beautiful cove.

Brockton Villa
#5.  La Valencia Pool - I guess you have to stay at the hotel to experience their pool but I cannot leave it off the list because I could have stayed here all day munching on fresh guacamole and parmesan sprinkled french fries and sipping (see below) their margarita. :)

La V pool!
#6.  Kerut - We spent an afternoon shopping on the streets and this store stopped me in my tracks.  Everything in this store is a work of art.  From gorgeous caftans sparkling with crystals and dramatic earrings made of found bison bone to an embroidered leather rancher's belt that was TDF!  It was so fun admiring it all!  The owner, Lauren Turek, and her associate were so nice and had a story behind every designer.  This always makes me want to buy!  I picked up a new favorite accessory a friendship bracelet with rhinestones, see below.

Gypsies and Debutantes at Kerut
#7. Eddie V's - Yes we have an Eddie V's at home but not with views like this!  Lobster tacos, steak and wine... all of it was fantastic!  Make reservations in advance and then arrive extra early to the rooftop bar for a seat at the corner table overlooking the cove, the only one with a table top fire, YOLO!

Eddie V's
#8.  La Jolla Kayak - This is the adventure I was talking about at the top of this post.  We took a guided group tour from the beach to the caves and back to the beach.  Our guides were so cool!  They pointed out where Dr. Seuss lived, talked about the protected cove and we got to watch the sea lions up close and see the orange Garibaldi fish swimming below.  Reservations are made online but be sure to show up 30 min before your reservation and bring a waterproof camera.

This is a picture of us coming in after a then terrifying now hilarious experience of watching a non-english speaking couple capsize and almost drown with their life jackets on!  They grabbed onto our boat, Laura's straps specifically, and they were panicking because they couldn't swim!  Thank goodness our calm guides came to their rescue!
#9. Drive Highway 101: Even if it's just for 30 minutes, take a drive up the coast and experience it.  We stopped and shopped in Encinitas before turning around.  Wish I could go back to Bliss 101 and Gardenology and take home a few things I'm still thinking about.

#10. A Few Great Recommendations From My Friends - Jennifer, Laura and Morgan:

Jennifer Recommends: Breakaway Cycle, a boutique indoor cycling studio.  Jennifer is a DEFINErevolution studio instructor here in Houston and she enjoys trying out different types of studios when she travels.  Breakaway Cycle was her La Jolla favorite.  She loved the ice cold eucalyptus infused towel they gave her on the way out!

Laura Recommends: The Cadillac Margarita at the La Valencia pool.  Laura said she doesn't even like margaritas on the rocks and this was the best margarita she's ever had!!!!

Morgan recommends: Dan's Nails & Spa.  Morgan was able to walk-in and get a pedicure with an amazing view.  So relaxing!

#11. Del Mar Racetrack: We weren't able to squeeze this one in but when we go back we are definitely heading to the track for an afternoon.  We heard over and over how awesome the Del Mar Racetrack is and that it's a ton of fun!

Bonus pictures:
This was my 3rd time to La Jolla and also the 3rd time this beautiful house caught my eye.  I'm posting it here for posterity and inspiration.
We learned Dr. Seuss had a house here in La Jolla and he was inspired by the area.  I feel more connected to his books now, I'm a bigger fan and I wish I took home this glass plate from Gardenology as a souvenir.
YOLO in La Jolla, holla!!!  Get on a plane and take a trip with your friends!


  1. Love the post! We had a great trip. YOLO!! Holla for La Jolla!

  2. How cute are you and your sister both? My best friend just e-mailed me to say she's been reading your blog for awhile now and then saw that I designed it...small world. :)

  3. Next time you are in La Jolla, let me know. I live about 5 minutes from here! Nice write up!

  4. Thanks Natalia! That's right, I forgot you live there! It would be nice to call paradise home, lucky you!