Think Outside The Jewelry Box, Part 1

Have the facebook jewelry auctions got you in a bind?  Do you have a jewelry situation?  Well I did!  It was time to think outside the jewelry box.

First, do you partake in the facebook auctions?  They are in and of themselves a tell it to your neighbor!   If you haven't heard of them, check out Gypsy Collection and Jewelry Nut, like their page and the rest will be history.  Soon you'll be in the same predicament as me needing to think outside the jewelry box.  If you have heard of them, then I know you're growing out of your jewelry storage too.  I started looking for a solution by shopping and brainstorming with my husband, Joseph, and friend, Laura.  While I was at The Container Store sale for my daughter's closet I picked up a couple tiered organizers.  I thought I would put them on the dresser but dust was going to be a problem so Joseph suggested the bathroom cabinet!  That for sure needed to be cleaned out anyway so it would be perfect.  Here's our cabinet, yikes:

Helpers are always at my feet.  :)  I turned around and this little man was,
 necklaces and all, on the potty looking at The Polar Express book.
Then I was wondering how to hang my necklaces and Laura said she had just lined her shelf with key hooks, she just taped them to the cabinet!  So that's what I decided to do too and about 10 different trips to stores later, I have a Jewelry Cabinet, tell it to your neighbor!

I made so many trips to the store because I tried magnet hooks first (fail) and I thought it would be nice to have a mirror and a light.  The mirror added convenience for trying on and the light added sparkle to my bling.  A very nice guy at Bering's suggested outdoor mounting tape to securely adhere the mirror.  I'm usually a right angles gal but the square and rectangle mirrors were too heavy, the scalloped mirror was lighter in weight.

Here's a close up of the self-stick key racks I used for earrings and the white key racks I used for long necklaces.   The mounting tape came in handy again on the white racks.

My daughter even wanted in on the jewelry organizing action!

I wanted to avoid lids and having to stack anything, I wanted to be able to see all my jewelry at once and to be able to reach it too.  The solution to my jewelry auction overflow is a success!

Here's everything you may need to create your own Jewelry Cabinet:

Think Outside The Jewelry Box

Think Outside The Jewelry Box by ericasundsmith featuring jewelry

The jewels are on the lower shelf because my little man is still interested in hand sanitizer and lotion, someday I'll move it up to eye level.  Now I need to clean up the rest of the cabinet...

Part 2 of Think Outside The Jewelry Box will be a solution for the sentimental jewelry and the jewelry we wear most often and take off right before we go to sleep.  For now, The Container Store sale is still on but not for much longer!  Go out and make a great Jewelry Cabinet!

Tell it to your neighbor,


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