Hooked On Bundts

Houston, we've had something special for over a year and if you haven't tried it yet, you need to and then you can go tell it to your neighbor!  
Here's the something special being devoured by the kiddos.
It's a Nothing Bundt Cakes location near the Galleria, next to the vacant Barnes & Noble.  We are hooked on them!  It all started for me in Dallas a couple years ago.  My Aunt Diane brought a cake to dinner just for us to try and it was amazing!  It was so pretty and so delicious!  Now I'm just looking for an excuse to go pick one up.  They are so easy to order online, call in or just drop in the store and pick up.  They deliver too, within the Beltway!  If you want it decorated for a particular occasion it only takes 30-40 min before it's ready.  Here's our addiction:
We surprised my Sister with a "Sprinkle" in Dallas to celebrate her 2nd baby.
Had to get a cake for that!
First cake I've ever ordered for Father's Day!
Such a big smile for such a great cake!
"That's the best kid's birthday cake I've ever had," said my sister at our baby boy's birthday.
So she decided to get one for her little boy's 3rd birthday and personalized it with
Thomas decorations and candles!  So cute!
Everybody's happy about the cake!
Click here for the Houston location of Nothing Bundt Cakes and stay tuned because I think there may be a giveaway in my future...

Tell it to your neighbor,