Free Gift Wrap

Sometimes it all comes together.  This was one of those times a bunch of random things came together for something special:

1. I love it when people say to babies, "I love you so much I could just eat you!"  I think I first heard my friend Morgan say the phrase, it was so descriptive and I totally felt what she was saying.  In the book, Where the Wild Things Are, Max is upset and says to his Mom "I'll eat you up!" I find this endearing as well.

2.  I found a cute board book at Babies R Us, fell in love with it and bought 5!  The words are perfect, colors are fantastic and the raised lines are fun for the little ones to touch.  The title is You Are My Cupcake by Joyce Wan and all 5 of my copies have been sitting in my linen closet waiting for babies to be born.

3. Our used book covers were stacking up in a drawer and I couldn't let them go, I'm weirdly attached.  I've seen my friend Lauren use everything from newspaper to bingo sheets as gift wrap so I thought I could do the same with our book covers!

4.  Always check end caps at Target for clearance items.  I've found great deals like grosgrain ribbon bows for 88¢!  I picked up a handful, they're sitting in my bow bag waiting for celebrations.

5.  My friend Courtney just had her 3rd baby!  So I wanted to bring her some CRAVE breakfast cupcakes (my favorite ones from this post) and a gift to leave as a surprise at her doorstep.

And this is how all these things came together as something special ready for drop-off:

A super-cute baby book, a new use for old book covers, grosgrain bows on clearance and delicious breakfast for the Mom of a newborn.


  1. We loved our surprise on the doorstep! Yummy breakfast cupcakes and such a sweet book. What a great idea to use book covers- I always end up throwing them away. I also have been using the kids old artwork as wrapping paper- I feel better about it than throwing it away. Thanks TITYN!

  2. I'm loving this, TITYN--- old book covers and kids artwork for gift wrap, genius!

  3. I am LOVING every bit of all of this too!!!!!

  4. Genius, old artwork, I have drawers full!

  5. I love your upcycled gift wrap Erica! So cute and we love our cupcake book. Louise loves to point out all the little faces on each page. I think the gumdrop is her favorite.

    Also love Courtney's idea about artwork!

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