Cake For Breakfast

I've always said a muffin is like a cupcake without icing.  It's like eating cake for breakfast and I guess that's why I love baked goods for my first meal.  Two years ago when I received an e-mail from CRAVE Cupcakes in Houston declaring their breakfast cupcakes, I got it and I wanted to rush to the store and try a few.  Well, I had an infant at the time so it didn't happen quite like that. :)

It wasn't until recently I've become a frequent cupcaker.  My amazing cousin, Kellison, has been regularly coming in town from Dallas for cancer treatments and we wanted to take her someplace special.  She loves cake as much as I do.  So first we started with the fantastic regular cupcakes at CRAVE.  We would buy several, quarter them and the whole family could sample the flavors.

Then a month later we did this sampling with the breakfast cupcakes.  For me there was one lone ranger, Almond Cranberry flavor, tell it to your neighbor!!!!  It started an obsession and it's got me singing my own version of an old George Straight song, "Amaretto by Morning!"  Can you hear the tune?

Actually, all of the breakfast cupcake flavors are delicious, Kellison's favorite is Cake Donut, but Almond Cranberry has me taking my daughter and nephew on dates to the Kirby Drive location any chance I get.

I love their coffee too, they brew it like my Dad did on camping trips growing up by pouring hot water through a filter filled with grounds.  So simple, cup by cup.

If you're from Houston and haven't tried  CRAVE for breakfast, go soon!  If you're visiting check them out.  Almond Cranberry, amaretto by morning...

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  1. YUMMY!!!!!!! Love it! Want some now!! My Ameretto by morning is def the cake donut! Oh la la!!