Travel Edition: Jackson Hole, WY

(I recently read a blog post about how to create fake calligraphy.
So I decided to try it out while coloring with my daughter.)

Last week I mentioned we went to Jackson Hole for a wedding.  While we were only there for 2 short days, I found myself saying "tell it to your neighbor!" about so many fantastic things we experienced.  I can't keep them in my head any longer, so here is a list of my Best of Jackson Hole, tell it to your neighbor!

1.  The view from the plane as it's landing - Is this real?  Add this to your bucket list.  

2. Fly Fishing on Snake River with Spencer Morton - We booked a half day trip through Jackson Hole Anglers and Mr. Morton was our guide.  He was awesome!  The way he and my Husband went after the fish was real team work, like they had been best friends for life.  I also appreciated how Spencer patiently taught me how to fly fish for the first time and I caught one!  His demonstration of why it's important to MEND was excellent.

Meet Spencer.  
I should mention Hyde Drift Boats.  We stood the whole time and never fell out because of the leg brace design.  Cool boat.

3.  MADE - An awesome retail shop in downtown Jackson's Gaslight Alley.  Everything in this store is handmade.  It's like the best of etsy all in one shop!  I could have been in there for hours.

I follow MADE on facebook now and they recently posted this awesome necklace.  And I then I purchased it. :)

4. Beaver Creek Hat & Leather - I was on a mission to find a hat band while in Jackson Hole.  Specifically, I was looking for a colorful Native American flat beaded hat band to put on a chocolate hat my friend Laura gave to me.  I was so picky I had no luck, but I did go into every single hat store in Jackson.  This one was the best.  A nice young lady helped me find a good lookin runner-up hat band, braided leather and horse hair.  Love it!

5. Bridger Gondola Ride & Coulier - This was my first gondola ride (I've never been skiing) up to the rehearsal dinner at Coulier.  Amazing!!!  It's a good thing time stands still (it never got dark) at 9095' because we loved it!

6.  Snake River Ranch - The place for a dream wedding.  It was beautiful.  I wish I knew who did the flowers to give them credit.  Gorgeous!  Also, I noticed the flags on top of the big tent, they represented the sweet couple's hometowns.  Love!

BONUS to the Travel Edition:  Before we made it to Jackson hole we were stuck at the Houston Airport for 8 hours.  So we walked around, ate, shopped and people watched and then did that some more.  The Everlasting Bag I posted last week was the first of many airport happenings I feel the need to share.  Here are the others:

1.  Cat Cora's Kitchen - Was I in the airport or was I in New York City?  I couldn't tell!  Great place to eat and people watch.

Killing time in Cat Cora's Kitchen at the airport.

2.  Caddyshack Golf Towel - For the Caddyshack enthusiast.  I spotted this at the PGA Tour store.

3.  Loudmouth Golf Shorts - I don't know what to think about these, but they stood out and I wanted to show and tell.  Please let me know if you ever see these on the course, please!

Loudmouth Check out everything else on their website!

4.  iPhone Pocket Projector from Brookstone - So cool!  It projects a 50" diagonal image onto the wall and it fits in your pocket.

 5.  Striped Flick Flack Girl's Watch - This kid's watch deserves a whole post alone, but I'll have to save it for later.  This watch can go in the wash and it comes with a great way to teach kids how to tell time.  I thought this striped one was especially cute.  From the Swatch store.

6. Celebrity/Politician sightings - Crazy, we saw Nene Leakes' business partner from RHOA, John Kolaj.  Then I couldn't figure out who the 2nd guy was, I though maybe a basketball coach but it was Ron Paul.  Ha!  No pictures with them, I cannot ask!

Go to Jackson Hole in the summer but don't get stuck at the airport for 8 hours.  :)  Does anyone have a good source for Native American flat beaded hat bands?  Please send it my way if you do!

Tell it to your neighbor,

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