Paper Lantern Chandelier

A quick and easy outdoor paper lantern chandelier!  Tell it to your neighbor!!!  For my sister's baby shower I had an idea to make a chandelier from 2 strands of lanterns I found on sale at Target.  It was easy using the existing chain from our baby swing.  Here's a picture:
If you don't have a chain hanging, I think you could hang a chain from a branch pretty easily.  Here's a quick sketch:
(I should have drawn the chain a lot longer, continuing down)
To hang the chandelier all I needed was a freestanding ladder, a green outdoor extension cord (with at least 2 outlets) and s hooks (pictured below).  I decided how low I wanted it to hang and then started from the bottom and worked my way up.  I attached the light string to the chain with s hooks.  Here are pictures from the party:
This is the best picture I had of it in the day light. 
It was so pretty the way it lit up the underside of the leaves. 
We liked it so much we kept it hanging and
played poker under it the next night!
If you'd like to make it for your next outdoor party, here's what you'll need:
Chain like this.
15-20 S Hooks like this one.
2 strands of paper lanterns like this one.  1 strand large, 1 strand medium.
Here's one last picture of my family playing poker outside under our paper lantern chandelier. :)  I love the ambiance it created!

Please, ask me a question if you need more information about creating this chandelier.

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