Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

That's what it's all about, so put your right hand... over your heart!  I thought of a fun way to show our kids what the 4th is all about focusing on what they think it's all about, THE FIREWORKS!  Tell it to your neighbor!  It'll be nostalgic for you, School House Rock!  Play this video for your kiddos this morning and everyone will be singing the tune all day long.
Jasper Johns.  This is hanging in my living room.  
Happy 4th of July everybody!

Tell it to your neighbor,

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  1. I play this in my classroom every year to teach Decl of Indp!!! After we watch it once, I then rewatch and pause a million times to discuss and explain everything they are talking about so that they are singing the song by the time we are done!! It is also in the state expectations that the students know and understand what those kids were saying at the end, about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So we act each sentence out after we explain and discuss!! LOVE this video!! Great teaching point! :)))