Game Changer, The Puddle Jumper

From the looks of it on facebook everyone got the word from their neighbor about the Puddle Jumper. But just in case you didn't, I must tell you about it and you must tell this to your neighbor!   The summer may be halfway over and you may have tried 6 different floats hoping for a less stressful swimming adventure, but folks there is still half of the summer to go and this float is a game changer.  The Puddle Jumper is the best toddler float ever!!!  I have major major extreme abnormal anxiety when it comes to kiddos and water.  So please trust me when I say I can finally relax.  My two year old thinks he can swim and he definitely cannot!  He's happy to put the puddle jumper on so he can move and go where he wants.  I still can't take my eyes off him and I'm still right next to him but at least I can relax!  Below are a few pictures of this fabulous float in action as well as where you can go to buy one.  Go get it, so worth it!
My cousin's sweet daughter (20months) and my baby boy (2 years) wearing and loving Puddle Jumpers.
Happy baby girl!
Kicking to the side wearing the Puddle Jumper.
Back closure.
Relaxing in the Puddle Jumper, not antsy to get it off.
Rash guard under Puddle Jumper.
Find it at a Target store near you.

Read about it on Sterns website.  My 4 year old even likes to put it on and swim!
Here's a shout out to the rash guard!
Thank you Leslie's Poolmart in San Antonio's Westover Marketplace for telling me about this when I was your neighbor at the Hyatt Hill Country!!

Tell it to your neighbor,

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