From Danger to New Hanger

Yesterday I converted my daughter's closet from a baby gear storage place to a functional princess haven for only $25, tell it to your neighbor!  
Most of the time my daughter likes to "get fancy" before we go anywhere.  I am not as girly as she is so I've had to embrace my inner princess to relate.  Sometimes she likes to "get fancy" first thing in the morning before anyone even knows she's up.  The photo below is an example of how I found her closet one morning.  To reach her dresses she had climbed onto a plastic toy stool that she had put on top of a narrow jewelry box.  Dedication and danger, danger!
This danger sign said it was time to convert her closet and The Container Store's "Happy Organized Home" sale motivated me to do it now.  Here are the BEFORE pictures of our mess:

Ahhhhh... It felt good to clean the closet out.
I went to my inner princess to help me design a functional closet.  If I were my daughter I'd want to be able to reach all my dresses and shoes and change several times in one day.  The Mommy in me is wanting to help her to be independent.  I found two items at the container store that would satisfy the Princess and the Mommy.  One was a hanging closet rod (so cool) and the other was a hanging shoe compartment bag, both on sale for a total of $25.
Below are pictures of our completed closet conversion.  My Daughter loves her new Big Girl closet and she got herself completely ready this morning so I'm loving it too.

I was happy to be able to fit her Rapunzel vanity in the closet and free up some space in her room.   Also, I'm a super fan of the Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers and they're now in kid size and on sale, tell it to your neighbor!  I picked up a couple packs so the dresses won't fall.

Here is my sweetie pie demonstrating how everything is at her level.  No more danger, we've got a new closet rod hanger, tell it to your neighbor!

Here are links to the container store items I used to convert my daughter's closet:

It looks like the sale ends August 23 so you have a little time to think through your closet conversion, good luck!

Tell it to your neighbor,

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