The Everlasting Bag

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We were headed to Jackson Hole for a wedding last week and while waiting in line I did a double take (or maybe it was a triple take or maybe even I was just plain staring) at a guy's bag.  His bag was amazing and it was like nothing I'd ever seen!  Such a handsome and sturdy looking bag.  After whispering about it to my husband and wondering where the bag was from and squinting my eyes to read the label, I finally found the courage to talk to the friendly guy.  "I love your bag!  Where is it from?  What is your name?  Do you mind if I blog about you?"  His name was Kevin and he was the nicest guy I ever did meet at an airport.  :)  
Meet Kevin.
Kevin told us all about his fantastic Saddleback Leather bag and how it had a warranty of 100 years and how they say your grand kids will fight over it.  I knew it was a special bag, tell it to your neighbor!  You've got to check out everything they make from luggage tags to extraordinary luggage!  The prices are not as crazy as I thought, it's an everlasting bag!  
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You are so good lookin!
leather ipad cover, saddleback leather, saddleback leather ipad, tobacco brown
I love the tobacco brown color on this iPad cover and there are no breakable parts like zippers or snaps!
Thank you Mr. Andrews for being so friendly and for telling us all about your bag.
Please send me a message if you read this!
For everybody like me who doesn't get to an airport very often and who doesn't get to see all the Saddleback Leather floating around there, trust me they're impressive!  So next time you're looking for a gift for "the hard to shop for" guy,  go easy on yourself and get him a real gift "certificate".

Tell it to your neighbor,

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