Coca-Cola + Navy = Patio Redo

A beautiful outdoor chair made out of 111 recycled Coca-Cola bottles, tell it to your neighbor!  Hand made in the USA with a design history that's legit, double tell it to your neighbor!  Here's the story of how the 111 Navy Chair transformed my patio:

As you can see, once upon a time, my husband and I went crazy on matching Coleman outdoor furniture from Lowe's.  How could we not when the chairs were on clearance for only $50 each!  Anyway, for some reason it started to suffocate me and because the chairs were swivel, the patio always looked messy.  I could not clean the glass table one more time and the cost to replace the cushions was the same as replacing the furniture.  So we put it on Craig's List and sold it for $500!  Now it was time for new furniture and I knew the first place to look, because I loved it the first time I saw it, West Elm's Dexter collection.

While this is very pretty, I didn't want to buy another matching set.  I wanted our patio to look collected, unique and more personal.  I also wanted chairs that didn't require cushions, that were easy to clean and would last forever.  So maybe I could mix the table with chairs that were more modern.  I went to take a look at Emeco's aluminum 1006 Navy Chair because I've always loved it as well.  Pricier than I wanted.  Do they make something plastic and suitable for outdoor weather?  And what to my wondering eyes should appear, a fantastic combo between Coca-Cola and the Navy Chair!!!  A sturdy design they made of 111 recycled Coke bottles!  I was in love with it!

From the dwr blog.

I think 3 of the 6 great colors are okay for outdoors, but the decision was easy, Coca-Cola Red of course!
And so it all came together, west elm's Dexter Table with Emeco's 111 Navy Chair from DWR.  I'm so happy with it!  When I look outside it doesn't look cluttered anymore and I can breath now.  I also love how flexible it has turned out to be with an expandable table.  Below are pictures of the different ways we can arrange the patio to fit whatever is going on in the great outdoors.

This is how I arrange it most of the time so I can sit and watch my kids play in the back yard.  I think they find it nice to climb up on the bench and reach snacks on the table.
Right now the Dexter Collection is back at west elm!  Click here to get it. 
Design Within Reach also has a "cool offer" when you buy a set of four of the 111 Navy Chair!

Here's to Coca-cola, Emeco and recycling!  Cheers!


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