Best Pool Bag Ever

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Today I took my kids to swim lessons (the cutie pies are in the background) and as I was getting them in the water I set my bag on the wet ground and thought, this is the best pool bag ever, tell it to your neighbor!  Before I got this bag I used the burlap bag everyone has, mine is green, it got wet and I ruined a pair of white shorts.  Love the burlap bag, it's just not for the pool. :)  My new bag is the Grand Plan SCOUT Tote Bag.  It's made of coated 100% cotton twill, it's water resistant and wipes clean.  This bag is not huge, it's big enough for taking two kids to swim lessons with all their stuff, it's just right!  Oh, and it has a small zippered pouch attached on the inside, I keep my phone and keys in it so I don't have to bring my purse.  I bought my bag on clearance, now there are better pattern options pictured below.  Also below is a scale-giving photo.  Get it and keep your stuff dry!

Scale giving photo

VaniLLa Bean - Multi
VaniLLa Bean - Black

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